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The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre is available for interested people to visit and see first hand technologies and training aids such as the Foresight GC Quad launch monitor system, the SAM Puttlab and the Perfectstroke Putting Aid. We also have available for viewing the Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform and the Perfectstroke Adjustable Hitting Platform. You can see these products and technologies being used and how they may benefit a golf course location or in a home entertainment and golf practice studio.
At the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre we also host seminars relating to the technologies that we have available here in everyday use. The next scheduled education event is a SAM Puttlab Level One Certification to be held on Tuesday October 24th, 2017. This will include a hour one Q&A session via Skype with Science and Motion Sports founder and Chief Scientist Professor Christian Marquardt and practical sessions using SAM Puttlab in measurements on straight and breaking putts. Other subjects covered during this session will include  use of fixed cameras and software for putting set up and stroke analysis, use of training aids and SAM Puttlab and video used in live and training modes.

SAM Puttlab Level One Certification and Advanced Putting  Instruction Seminar
  –  Where: Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland
  –  Date : Tuesday 24th October 2017,    8.30am – 5.00pm
  –  Cost : $375.00 ACE Credits : 1.0 Presenter : Mark Officer.
  –  Lunch included to be provided off site

Level One Certification for SAM Puttlab is on offer in this seminar for current owners and users of the system as well as prospective users. Certification course will be presented in the morning session with participants submitting material online at any time after the course. The afternoon session will comprise practical use of SAM Puttlab in putting instruction as well as use of video and advanced training techniques and a live Skype connection with Q&A with Science and Motion founder and head scientist Christian Marquardt.
This seminar is aimed at coaches who would like to develop a more structured delivery of putting lessons for their golf students. This seminar will demonstrate how you can dramatically improve golfers putting techniques and abilities to putt well to lower scores and gain more enjoyment from the game.
The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre has a dedicated putting studio which is equipped with a SAM Puttlab, fixed video capture system and software, an electrically adjustable putting platform, movable elevated lines positioned relative to break and numerous training aids. The presenter has had over fifteen years’ experience as a specialist putting instructor including being a Level 2 Certified Instructor with Science and Motion Sports and working for the company since 2009. The session will include practical delivery of live putting lessons including use of the SAM Puttlab, video analysis of set up and stroke and effective use of training aids and drills to improve mechanics and distance control.

Participants will learn:
  –  Fundamentals for putting
  –  Parameters for proper set up posture and alignment for all players
  –  Concepts relating to path and plane necessary for putter face control
  –  Key checkpoints in set up when using video analysis from DTL and Face On
  –  Data Evaluation from a SAM Puttlab report
  –  Training interventions using SAM Puttlab in live and training mode
  –  When and where to use training aids and drills

A Level Two SAM Puttlab certification will be offered at a date and location to be determined in 2018.
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Technology and Training Seminar
Where: Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland
Date : Wednesday 25th October 2017,  8.30am – 5.00pm
Cost : $375.00 ACE Credits : 1.0
Presenter’s : Mark Officer, Clint Rice

Technologies and training including – Foresight GC Quad, BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System, SAM Puttlab, Blast Motion capture, SuperSpeed Swing Training, Orange Whip, Stan Utley’s Orange Whip Wedge, Perfectstroke Putting Aid, Laser Putt Training System, Perfectstroke  Adjustable Hitting Platform, Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform

This full day workshop is aimed at professional coaches who want to improve their knowledge in the use of technologies in golf training and analysis. The morning session will be devoted to the full swing and analysis of information derived from Foresight GC Quad launch monitor and BodiTrak pressure mapping system. There will be a presentation on Foresight GC Quad and the advantages of using a camera based launch monitor to obtain ball and club data accurately both indoors and in outdoor environments. The morningsession will include BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certification and practical sessions using both technologies as well as with an adjustable platform for hitting shots from sloping lies. Also included in this session will be a presentation on techniques to improve club head speed using the SuperSpeed swing training system. The Orange Whip golf training aid will be introduced as well as The Stan Utley inspired Orange Whip wedge where results will be measured on the GC Quad. The afternoon session will be devoted to putting and analysis of set up and putting stroke using video capture systems and SAM Puttlab. This will also include a practical session with an adjustable platform to analyse putting strokes where break is affecting a putt. This session will also include an introduction to the Perfectstroke Putting Aid which is used by many Puttlab owners around the world to educate and improve golfers putting strokes. Also presented during the afternoon session will be the Blast Motion capture device and how this can be used to help provide useful feedback in putting and short game training. Seminar participants will be required to complete an online exam to receive BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certification.  In order to achieve BodiTrak Certification participants will need to have an understanding of BodiTrak’s Core Movements and Master Concepts of the Golf Swing, weight shift v. pressure shift, and details on Centre of Pressure movements in the golf swing. Attendees will have an understanding of the factors that contribute to the start direction and curvature of all golf shots, the importance of path, face angle relative to path and centre contact. Attendees will have gained knowledge on how to train to improve in a number of areas in the game to improve performance.
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