Without doubt the best training centre I have seen with amazing technologies that are practical and helpful. The putting studio was fantastic and gave me immediate feedback about what I need to do with my putting stroke and the hitting bay with GC Quad is awesome!..
Steve Vail
Ryde Parramatta Club Champion    

Great meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed seeing your facility and set up, it is top drawer, I haven’t seen better. .
Alastair Brown
Senior Golf Professional,  Emirates Golf Club, Dubai                                                                          

I have seen and used quite a few golf putting aids but the Perfectstroke is by far the best. Not only does it give you the perfect stroke path but also teaches absolutely square alignment of the putterface at address, clubface control and correct eye position and posture. I use this aid on a daily basis in my golf instruction business and encourage any golfer wanting to improve to use it.
David Cotsworth
Eat Ya Greens Golf Instruction, Qld, Australia

We use the Perfectstroke Putting Aid in all of our ABC Learning Centre facilities and our PGA staff agree it is the best golf putting teaching and training aid available. It is used in conjunction with the SAM system in our lessons and students can see the benefits of training with this aid immediately. 
Along with all of the other golf aids manufactured by Perfectstroke I highly recommend this aid and if you are serious about improving your putting and your scoring you should be using one.
Adrian Lawson
Director ABC Golf Learning Centres, Queensland

I am a golf instructor and PGA member for over 20 years and the Perfectstroke Putting Aid is by far the best golf putting aid I have seen. I teach all levels of player but in particular if I am teaching tour level players then I want them to use this aid. I can be sure that when someone is training with the Perfectstroke that they will be aligning the putterface square to the target, that they have great stroke path with the face square to the path. They will also be building consistency in their set up and posture and the retention of feel and alignments is outstanding. I have seen players tested with the SAM PuttLab before and after using the Perfectstroke and can say that this aid definitely improves all the key mechanics in the stroke.
Kevin Morley
Palm Meadows Driving Range, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

A big thank you for your time and outstanding dual presentation at our recent Upgrade Seminar. Your contribution was great and very much appreciated by myself and indeed the gals who were so fortunate to be there. Their comments were focussed on the professional delivery as well as the meaningfulness of the information and techniques as they apply to teaching golf.
It is indeed very fortunate to have PGA members like yourselves who are happy to provide insights into the teaching of the great game of golf. I, and the ALPG, greatly appreciate your time and efforts.
Dr. Gordon Treble
ALPG National Education Director

The Perfectstroke Putting Aid is the best kept secret in golf putting instruction. The theory behind it is totally logical and correct and the results are outstanding across the board. It is just a matter of time before the world discovers it.
Matthew Barrett
Head Professional
Emerald Lakes GC, Qld, Australia

After using the Clubface Assistant I can truly say that it is a great training aid. It really helps you recognise the face angle as well as giving you a great feel for the club during the swing. This is something I have needed/wanted for a long time for both the people I teach and for my own game.
Paul Wilson
US PGA member and author of, USA

I use the Perfectstroke in combination with the SAM PuttLab system to better understand the interaction between the multiple factors involved in a successful putting stroke. Using the Perfectstroke you have a slightly arced “natural” stroke and a smooth rotation of the club face through impact. Shortening down the backswing then improves consistency of face angle at impact.
Dr. Christian Marquardt
Chief Scientist and Founder Science&Motion GmbH, Germany

The PERFECTSTROKE™ is not only the best putting aid that I have used to teach with, but also the best training aid for golfers regardless of their level of play . The PERFECTSTROKE™ encourages all of the correct fundamentals that are required in the putting stroke.
It has certainly made my life as a Teaching Professional easier as the PERFECTSTROKE™ has made explaining my philosophies far easier to high and low handicap golfers.
Forget about buying a new driver – buy the PERFECTSTROKE™ and watch the handicap drop.
Paul Sanders
Senior Teaching Professional Robina Woods Golf Club, Gold Coast, Australia

I have been using the PERFECTSTROKE™ putting aid both at home and on the practice green for the past three weeks and it has made a huge difference. I play off a 5 handicap at Nedlands Golf Club in Perth. My putting has always been my weak point but during the past three weeks I have played three competition rounds with only one three putt. The difference has been scores of 74, 73 and 71 gross instead of mid to high 70’s. Dreams of becoming a good golfer has revived!
Michael Cooke
5 Hcp, Nedlands Golf Club, Perth, Australia

While keeping the torso centered, I believe the clubhead should move in an arc, if viewed from above. The amount of putter face visible should remain constant. The PERFECTSTROKE™ bar and frame allows this to be accomplished and is therefore a training aid which I encourage all of my Asmedia students to use. The ‘arc’ model is easy to demonstrate to any private lesson clients with the use of the perfectstroke whether you slide the shaft on top or under the bar. Simply a very useful device!
Ossie Moore
Head Instructor Asmedia Golf Academy, Sanctuary Cove, Qld Australian PGA Tour OOM Winner, Australia

The PERFECTSTROKE™ putting trainer has definitely honed my stroke and made me more aware of the true break on putts. It is a great training aid for beginners through to professional players.
Wayne Rostron
Australian PGA Tour player and Teacher, Australia

I have recently started to use the PERFECTSTROKE™ aid to ensure that I am aligned correctly and that I have decent stroke path. Then when I play I use my feel and I trust the stroke. I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their putting to use this device.
Shane Tait
Australian and International Touring Professional

I have the PERFECTSTROKE™ aid setup in my lounge at home. Occasionally I will spend some time doing practice strokes as recommended and I believe that my stroke has improved greatly and now I understand and appreciate what should happen with the stroke.
16 Hcp, Gold Coast, Australia

I am such a big fan of this device that I try to get all of my friends and playing partners to try it as it shows up any deficiencies immediately. It is such a simple idea and shows exactly what should happen in the stroke. I now use it regularly to ensure I have perfect alignment, face control and path.
Jeff White
AFL Footballer and 5 Hcp, Australia

I have seen and used many of the so called best putting training aids in the world including ones that are endorsed by top ranked players and coaches. The PERFECTSTROKE™ aid is by far the best training and teaching aid available today. It uses sound and correct fundamentals to teach you the smoothest and most natural feeling stroke that works with all length putts. I use it when teaching and have found it is one of the easiest ways for me to communicate my beliefs to the student. Using this product would improve anyone’s putting no matter what level they are at. Well done PERFECTSTROKE™!
Michael Mosher
Head Professional, Mt. Broughton Golf Club, NSW, Australia

I have previously used lasers all sorts of things including taking many lessons hoping to improve my putting but nothing has come close to the PERFECTSTROKE™ machine. I have found that through muscle memory my arms and shoulders now control the putter and I have improved dramatically. Every time I hole a putt out on the course I point to my mates and say ”perfectstroke.org”.
Justin Kenny
Kareela Golf Club, Sydney, Australia

Since starting to use the PERFECTSTROKE™ trainer my putting has become much more consistent. I don’t use it on the practice putting green just at home where I run the shaft either side of the rail a few minutes a day and my shoulders feel like they get into a certain groove. I had 23 putts the other day and mostly I think that was due to confidence from the perfect practice I have done. It has shortened my stroke and makes me accelerate the putter more.
Neil Kerry
Australian PGA Tour Player

I use the PERFECTSTROKE™ trainer in my teaching as it backs up my philosophies on how the putting stroke works. If it had been around 10 years ago I would still be playing.
Mark Chambers
PGA Member, Oz Golf Academy, Brisbane, Australia