Perfectstroke has been a manufacturer of tilting platforms since 2016 after having made numerous platforms for own use since the mid 2000’s.

The Perfectstroke Hitting Platforms enable players to hit full swing shots on a flat surface as well as slopes up to 8%. The hitting platforms are best suited to installations indoors hitting into projected screens or indoors hitting out on to a range environment. 


Perfectstroke Hitting Platform 

The Perfectstroke Hitting Platform is an incredible golf technology that can enable a golf professional to teach more about playing the game on course.

There are almost no golf practice facilities that can provide an area where golfers can practice from sloping lies which are very often encountered on the golf course. Players have to rely on past experience from playing to have an idea on how the ball is going to react from being hit in situations such as ball above feet or a downslope lie.

The platform is electrically adjustable and is recessed into a studio floor to provide golfers with the option of practicing sloping lie fairway and approach shots.

It can be used in conjunction with launch monitor systems including Foresight GC Quad and GC2, Trackman and Flightscope.

It can be set up for a level lie position or adjusted up to 10% at planar angles such as ball above feet or downhill lie or 5% in combination angle such as uphill and ball below feet.

The Perfectstroke Hitting Platform is 1500mm x 1500mm and is powered by four electric hydraulic actuators each capable of lifting 1.2 tonnes which can create slopes of 5% in less than 30 seconds. When used with a launch monitor players can gain an understanding of how much slope effects curvature and distance at different angles.

Balls will launch higher from an upslope, carry shorter, have a steeper land angle and the player will have a tendency to draw the ball. Or with a downslope lie a player will have a tendency to hit a fade with a lower launch, shallower land angle and longer overall distance.

The hitting platform can also be used by coaches to influence swing path and plane of players such as creating a ball above feet situation for a slicer.

One of the other features of the Perfectstroke Hitting Platform is that pressure mat systems such as BodiTrak, SAM Balance Lab and Swing Catalyst force plate can be used with the platform on different slopes to influence things such as centre of pressure trace and correct weight transfer.