The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia where some of the best golf technologies are being used to help give golfers great feedback enabling improvement.

Full Swing Lessons

We provide golf lessons in one of our two full swing hitting bays which are equipped with a Trackman launch monitor and Foresight GC Quad launch monitor and FSX software which enables players to hit shots into a projection screen. This provides realistic imagery with extremely accurate representation of ball flight in distance, carry and curvature which is why Trackman and Foresight systems are trusted by top manufacturers, players and coaches worldwide. Trackman system provides shot analysis on ball and club data as well as integration with high speed cameras providing incredible feedback to enable swing changes to occur. The GC Quad system measures and calculates through modelling ball flight and club data that has no equal in accuracy and value.

A one hour lesson by appointment costs $95.00 for an adult and $65.00 for a junior and we also offer lesson package rates.

The Perfectstroke Putting Studio is located on the second level of the training centre and this is where we conduct putting lessons using the SAM Puttlab and V1 video analysis software. We have four fixed cameras which record putting stroke and set up from different angles which is invaluable to use in conjunction with the SAM Puttlab. We have the latest version software of the Puttlab which has enhanced features such as improved reports and feedback in putting training mode.

Golfers can not only take lessons at the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre but they can also use the technologies for extended practice and training. In the putting studio players have access to many putting training aids such as the Perfectstroke Premium putting aid but also Blast Motion capture and Laser Optics solid line green laser. The putting studio is also fitted with an electrically adjustable putting platform where different amounts of break can be created. In the full swing area as well as being able to use Foresight Sports GC Quad players can practice from different slopes using our electrically adjustable hitting platform.

Putting Lessons

The Perfectstroke Putting Studio is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia at the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre. It features a SAM Puttlab, an adjustable electric putting platform and four dedicated video cameras connected with V1 software to analyse golfer’s putting strokes. The SAM Puttlab can measure and report on 41 different parameters in the putting stroke and is regarded as the best analysis tool for putting trusted by top coaches and players around the world. The Perfectstroke putting studio is one of the only locations in the world set up to analyse golfers on the SAM Puttlab on straight and breaking putts. Perfectstroke was the pioneer in this type of controlled analysis of breaking putts starting research and delivering putting lessons in 2006.

At the Perfectstroke Golf Putting Studio we also use technologies such as Blast Motion capture extensively, the Perfectstroke Premium Putting Aid, Laser Optics Putting Aid to help golfing clients of all levels and abilities. To schedule a session,  or if you are interested in taking a closer look at the technologies, please also feel free to contact us. please complete the form below.

Come in and Utilise our Technologies and Training Aids

At the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre we offer golfers the opportunity to come in and use our technologies at discounted rates. We have available training and practice times using the Foresight GCQuad starting from $35.00 per session for adults and $25.00 for juniors. These rates also apply to use of our two SAM Puttlab systems and adjustable putting platform in the golf putting studio.

We also have available Blast Motion Capture, BodiTrak and K-Vest.

GOLD COAST Golf lessons


One Hour Lesson

$95 (Adult) $65 (Junior)

1/2 Hour Lesson

$50 (Adult) $40 (Junior)


10 x One Hour Lesson

$795 (Adult) $525 (Junior)

5 x One Hour Lesson

$425 (Adult) $285 (Junior)

5 x 1/2 Hour Lesson

$225 (Adult) $175 (Junior)


  • HOUR RATE: $45 (Adult) $35 (Junior)
  • TWO HOURS: $75
  • 10 X HOURS: $350 (Adult) $250 (Junior)
  • HALF DAY (4 hours): $150
  • FULL DAY (8 hours): $300


  • HALF DAY (4 hours): $120 Per Client

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