Perfectstroke Golf Putting Platforms

Perfectstroke Putting Platform with Magic Lines

The Perfectstroke Putting Platform is one of the most advanced technological products available in the world today for putting improvement and analysis. Not only does the platform have touchscreen control over tilting capabilities of up to 3.5% sideways, it can also be used to provide uphill, downhill and combination putt types.

Every Perfectstroke Putting Platform is now sold with our Magic Lines projection system which integrates seamlessly with the platform. The platform with projection system is very simple to operate and is very reliable and can be fitted with a payment system to enable a facility to sell training time.

The platform can provide a perfectly straight putt of up to 12 feet and can also be electrically controlled to simulate breaking putts of the same length at up to 3.5%.


The Perfectstroke Putting Platform has a very low profile in it’s flat and straight putt position that is only 120mm (4.8 inches) above floor height. It can be recessed into a floor to provide a putting studio that can be completed with a SAM Puttlab, camera and software analysis system. The recently released SAM Ball Tracking and Projection system can also integrate with the Perfectstroke Putting Platform with ease to provide the most accurate putting training system in the world.

Players who practice under this system are able to improve their aim and stroke mechanics greatly as well as develop green reading skills that can be applied on any golf course. This means dramatic improvement in scores and handicap reduction for all players guaranteed.

The Perfectstroke Putting Platform is made with a strong rigid frame unlike other available platforms which means unrivalled stability and strength together with a robust and reliable control software.

The Perfectstroke Putting Platform is the solution for state of the art putting instruction, putter sales display area or home entertainment centre.

This is a turnkey solution for providing a dynamic and profitable area for putting instruction, putter sales and fitting. The platform is installed into your facility and is set up to provide a straight putt hit from up to 12 feet. Electrically fully adjustable to provide breaking putts that can be left to right, right to left, uphill or downhill, or with combinations of slopes.

We offer control console with pre-programmed positions from 1.0% slope up to 3.5% slope in a planar direction. Also available are uphill and downhill putts as well as combination slopes including uphill left to right, uphill right to left, downhill left to right and downhill right to left. Players can practice from five different distances from 1.0m through to 3.0m all with matching Magic Lines projection from all of those distances and angles.

The standard sized platform is 4.5m x 1.8m and can be positioned in a corner area which can actually help to create more usable space in a putter display or instruction area. We can also customise to your size requirements.

In a dedicated putting instruction area the Perfectstroke Putting Platform is an ideal vehicle to help present highly professional structured lessons including the option to install permanent cameras with video software analysis.

Perfectstroke is also an agent for Science and Motion Sports SAM Puttlab system which can be used to measure players competency on straight putts. In conjunction with the Perfectstroke Putting Platform breaking putts can also be analysed and trained on.

We have been designing and building fully actuated golf putting platforms since 2007 and have the experience and knowledge to deliver worlds best practices to you.