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Perfect Aim Green Reading System


The Perfect Aim Green Reading System provides a framework to support the concepts of predictive green reading based on a system.
With three individual markers that relate to green speeds ranging from MEDIUM, FAST and TOUR FAST users will learn how to effectively read greens and then importantly be able to aim the ball and putter face appropriately and accurately to that read.

The Perfect Aim Green Reading Complete System includes two sets of THREE ball markers with different line markings enabling players to aim a marked ball appropriate to the average slope amount of any putt length. The small set of ball markers are legal for competitive play under the Rules of Golf and the oversized set are for social play and training.

Players adjust the aim of the ball relative to the estimated slope defined as SLIGHT, MODERATE, STEEP and SEVERE.  Once the marked ball has been lined up appropriately a player will aim the putter face relative to the line on the ball. This system greatly improves consistency and accuracy through adherence to set procedures in practice and play.

These ball markers will help golfers at every skill level!
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