SAM Putting Instructor Certification

Only one month to go until the SAM Putting Instructor Certifications presented by Christian Marquardt and Mark Officer in Queensland at the Victoria Park Golf Complex and in Victoria at Rosebud Golf and Country Club. Dr Christian Marquardt is the inventor and Chief Scientist at Science and Motion Sports and it will be his first visit to Australia in July. You can go to the Science and Motion website for more information and to book at
This is a great opportunity for pros and golf coaches to learn from one of the most respected putting experts in the world and become certified as well.

We have had some great feedback recently from golfers who have recently visited the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre in golf schools or partaking in private lessons for putting and full swing. We have had new ball and clubhead speeds set recently where one player achieved 135mph clubhead speed hitting drivers with 185mph ball speeds. Other players have reported that they have broken 30 putts for the first time for 18 holes and several players in our long term programs have scored 90%+ scores on SAM Puttlab. We have had a number of people travel from interstate to train for a day and report back to us that they have achieved career best scores on return to their home clubs. More One, Three and Five Day Schools coming up over the next few months.

We are pleased to launch our new Perfectstroke website! This is the fourth version since the original site was launched back in 2003 that featured our best-selling Perfectstroke Putting Training Aid. We still sell this product however it has become more compact and easier to travel with but is still the best putting aid available in the world today. Go to our shop to see more info. We now offer not only golf training aids and technologies such as Foresight GC Quad and SAM Puttlab but also offer golf schools, education and seminars for PGA members as well as producing our own technologies for putting and full swing studios. Take a look in the technologies section for more details.

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