Close competition in FSX Skills Challenge

The FSX Skills Challenge currently being played between Australia and the UK is an incredibly close contest with the UK narrowly leading. The average score for the Top 10 UK players is 38.4 with Australia’s average 38.3. The Skills Challenge is played on Foresight Sports software and measures a players ability to hit close to the target distance on shots ranging from a 10 yard chip shot through to a driver.

I was not a big fan of the Skills Test previously but after doing it a few times I got that it was addictive and that you wanted to beat your own previous best score as well as other participants. My first posted score was 31 points and recently I recorded a score of 56 points which is the third highest ever recorded on the test anywhere in the world. Only four days left so hopefully Team Australia can submit a few more good scores to defeat the UK!

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