Perfectstroke 2020 Golf Putting Aid now available

Our latest version golf putting aid the Perfectstroke 2020 is now available. This model goes back to the original design featuring a single carbon fibre plane rail for the putter shaft to move along creating the perfect stroke. Players are recommended to practice both at home and on their local practice putting green to develop great stroke mechanics and feel. To find out more go to the product page

1 thoughts on “Perfectstroke 2020 Golf Putting Aid now available

  1. James Sevick says:

    Dear Sir: I used your Perfectstroke putting aid today at my Golf Instructor Jaime Gylan’s Studio here in Manchester, PA, USA. I absolutely love it! Would you be willing to offer a Military or some other discount toward the purchase of one? I plan to use it at the golf courses I play and will be recommending it to all my friends. I appreciate any attention you can give me in this matter.

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