Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship

Tiger Woods today won the Tour Championship in Atlanta to claim his 80th PGA Tour win and make it known to all that he is back. He played great all week and fully deserved the victory and quite possibly also deserved to win the Fedex Cup title. Hopefully this will give Tiger the belief and confidence that he can still compete and win the big tournaments including the majors. His winning this event and competitive play this year should help invigorate the game in Australia. It should help to show people that it is possible to keep improving regardless of age and in spite of physical conditions. If you as a golfer believe that you have some improvement available but are not sure where to start please contact us or come and see the staff at the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre and we can talk to you about setting up an improvement plan. This can include taking lessons or undertaking training sessions in either of the full swing bays or our world famous putting studio.

If Tiger can win again on the PGA Tour after barely being able to walk a little more than a year ago let alone being able to swing a club there is hope for all!

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